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Onion Peeler

Onion Peeler

Web application which scrapes articles from The Onion, displaying headlines (with links to stories) and summaries
Users can save articles as well as view and leave notes for the article
Application built using MongoDB, Express, Node, Handlebars, jQuery, Bootstrap


Node Store

Command-line clients which allow customers to buy products, managers to view and add inventory, and supervisors to view reports on and create departments
Node.js applications running against MySQL database

Guess Word Game

Guess Word Game

Hangman-style game (playable on desktop or mobile) with theme of Nintendo games built using JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, Bootstrap


Command-line client which returns information about song, movie, tweets, weather, or geographic coordinates
Node.js; NPM modules Inquirer, Spotify, Twitter, Request, Weather-JS, Geocoder

Trivia Game

Trivia game with theme from the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail (using sounds and images relating to the film) built using JavaScript, jQuery, CSS

Star Wars RPG

Simple RPG where characters from the film Star Wars: The Force Awakens battle.
Game was built using JavaScript, jQuery, CSS3, Bootstrap.